Ultra Mixer Grinder Review [2021]- Should You Purchase One?

When it comes to mixer grinders then Elgi Ultra is one of the most famous mixer grinder brans especially in southern part of India. Elgi Ultra is known for offering quality mixers, wet grinders and pressure cookers in India. Its pressure cookers are not as well known as mixers and wet grinders.

Ultra mixer grinder review

Ultra is the kitchen appliance brand of Elgi Ultra. And Ultra mixer grinders come in two different ranges- Metal Range and Regular Range.

Metal range of Ultra mixer grinders come with full metal body as well as metal coupling, while regular range comes with plastic body and plastic coupling. However, jars of both the ranges are built with stainless steel. Metal range is the premium range of Ultra mixers grinders, which means they are more expensive.

Ultra Mixer Grinder Review 2021

Best thing about ultra mixer grinders is that most of its mixer grinders come with 750-watt motor, which is quite good. Let us know look at each of the mixer grinder types in details.

Ultra Topp Mixer Grinder

Ultra Topp mixer grinder from Elgi is one of the most popular mixer grinders from the brand. This mixer grinder comes under plastic range, which means that its body is made up of plastic. Most of the mixers grinders in the market today come with plastic body. However, Ultra Topp is made of ABS plastic which is one of the best out there and we have not seen any complaints about its build quality from customers.

Highlight if this mixer is its powerful 750-watt motor. 750 watts power is sufficient for hard grinding. Which means that you can grind ingredients such as dals and rice without much difficulty in this Ultra Topp mixer grinder.

It come with three jars.

  • One large jar of 1.2-liter capacity, which is wet griding jar. You can use it for preparing rice and dal batter, milk shakes, purees dry fruit paste, lassi and wet masalas like onion and tomato paste and so on.
  • One medium jar of 0.8 liters. This is dry grinding jar that can be used for dry grinding rice and dry spices. You can also make chutney in large quantities in this jar.
  • One small jar with a capacity of 0.5 liters. This is the chutney jar.

Capacity of these jars is decent and equal to some of the best mixer grinders in the market if not better. Also, all these jars are built with AISI 304 Grade stainless steel, which ensures durability.

Another decent feature of this mixer is that you can use any lid on any of the jars. This is because all the jars have similar sized opening. Moreover, the mixer only functions once the jar is locked onto the body. This is good safety feature. To further enhance safety, the mixer comes with overload protection. Which means that the mixie will automatically turn off when it detects overload.

Just like other best mixer grinders in the market, this mixie comes with three speed options- low medium and high along with a pulse option for quick use.


  • Ultra Topp mixer grinder comes with 5-year warranty on motor and 2-year warranty on mixer grinder. This is decent warranty. However, we urge you to read the warranty document carefully before purchase.
  • This mixer comes with serrated blades, which helps in fine grinding of hard ingredients.
  • Its safety features such as jar interlocking safety, overload protection and anti-skid feat are quite good.
  • Jars have decent capacity and are durable. You can also choose to attach juicer with extractor after purchasing separately.


  • There is no slow-speed option. Hence, you can not perform slow speed juicing with this mixer grinder.

Duramix Ultra Mixer Grinder

Duramix Ultra  mixer grinder

Duramix range is the most premium range of Ultra mixer grinders as they come under Metal Range. What sets these mixer grinders apart is their metal body and metal couplers. Coupler is the is the rotating attachment on the mixer, on top of which jar is placed. Why is this important? Well, metal couplers are the most durable and long-lasting ones. There is a running joke among mixer grinder brands that the mixer’s life might end, but the metal coupler will keep on working!

Again, this is the same reason why metal body mixer grinders might be preferred by some. Metal body is more durable and also gives these mixers a premium look.

What’s more, these mixers come with digital display, which make it more convenient to use these mixers.

On top of this, these mixers come with a dedicated “slo-grind” function for grinding of ingredients that require slow speed. Another useful feature of this mixer is the ‘mini cup’ jar that is only 0.2 liter small. This jar comes with a lid that can be locked on top of this jar. You can use this mini cup for grinding very small amount of ingredients. This is quite convenient as it allows you to use larger jars for griding larger quantities.

These features set Duramix Ultra mixer grinders apart from its Plastic Range mixers. Now let’s see that are its other features.

Its jars are made up of AISI 304 stainless steel, which is not unique, but a good feature and most of the mixers in the market come with stainless steel jars. Moreover, these jars come with a lid lock so that you can perform other chores while the mixer is running.

Also, it comes with three speed ranges- low, medium and high and one pulse for quick use.


  • This mixer grinder comes with 5-year warranty on motor and coupler. Which is quite good. We have seen very less mixer grinders in the market with such generous warranty.
  • Its metal body not only makes it durable, but also gives it an elegant look.
  • It comes with powerful 750-watt motor, which is decent enough for hard grinding. This means that grinding dals and rice will not be difficult in these mixers.


  • Its higher price is the only aspect that we felt might dissuade customers from purchasing this mixer. Apart from this, we could not find much issues with it.


Elgi is one of the most well-known brands in south India. Its Ultra mixer grinders are some of the decent ones in the market. By this review of Ultra mixer grinders, we have given information about types of Ultra mixer grinder and what to expect from them. Best part about Ultra mixer grinders is that most of them come with powerful 750-watt motor, which ensures decent performance. On top of this great focus has been given to safety and durability of these mixies. Overall, these mixer grinders are ideal for anyone looking for good quality mixer grinders that will last long.

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