Top AC Brands in the World [2021]

If you are looking for top 10 AC brands in the world, then you are at the right place. We have curated this list by taking into account revenue and brand equity. Some of the findings from our study are mentioned below.

  • World’s best AC companies list includes Japanese AC brands, which are more in number compared to any other country. These Japanese brands are Daikin, Panasonic, Hitachi and Sanyo.
  • Almost all the top AC brands are equally good in terms of product quality.

Without wasting more time, let’s look at the list.

Best AC Companies in the World

Here is the list of best AC manufacturing companies in the world.


Daikin is one of the largest air conditioning companies in Japan and is leading the chart of the world’s top air conditioning companies. Daikin has dethroned Carrier in terms of overall revenue to become a leader and pioneer in air conditioning space over last decade.

It manufactures air-conditioning equipment as well as refrigerants. One of the most used and eco-friendly refrigerants- R32 was also invented by Daikin. This refrigerant has now become a standard coolant for brands focusing on producing environment-friendly AC units.

Daikin offers air conditioners such as split /multi-split air conditioners, unitary air conditioners, air to water heat pumps, heating systems as well as air purifiers, refrigeration systems, ventilation products, control systems and chillers. Daikin air conditioners are known for efficient cooling and excellent service. With more than 100 factories all over the world and presence in more than 150 countries, Daikin is all set for dominating the segment for at least some time to come.

Carrier Global

Carrier was founded in 1915 by Willis Carrier, who is also the inventor of modern air conditioning. It is one of the most well-known Air conditioning brands not only in the US as well as across the world.

Carrier competes with Daikin and Trane Corporation of US in many large air conditioning projects across North America. Carrier offers its ACs in 160 countries and is one of the largest AC companies in terms of revenue.

Carrier brand is known for offering some of the most silent air conditioners in the US market. On top of this, customers are ready to pay higher price for Carrier air conditioners because of great services.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls International PLC is an Irish multinational company that offers a wide range of AC equipment. Johnson Controls is one of the largest AC manufacturers in terms of revenue.

Some of its bestselling products from this company are Chillers, Packaged and Split DX Systems, Ductless Systems, Air Handling and Air Distribution systems.

It owns Hitachi air conditioning as well. Johnson Controls entered into a joint venture with Hitachi of Japan to offer rooms air conditioners, PAC, VRF and chillers in 2015. This joint venture is known as JCH and it is responsible for offering window AC and split AC systems for home and offices all over the world.

Hitachi / JCH Air Conditioners are known for fast cooling as their AC units are designed to start at high RPM. Hence these AC units are quite good for tropical countries.

LG Electronics

LG company is one of the most well-known AC companies not only in North America and Europe, but also all over the world. If you are wondering how LG fares in air conditioning market, then you should not be surprised if we reveal that it is one of the leaders in air conditioning space. In fact, in 2008, it created a world record by becoming the first company to sell 100 million AC units all over the world. It’s no wonder, LG’s Air Conditioning Technologies division is an industry leader in commercial air conditioning segment.

Another great thing about LG is that despite being ubiquitous, it has managed to place itself in premium air conditioning segment in most countries such as Australia, New Zealand and European countries. This is because LG offers ACs in several ranges for different segment of customers. Hence, customers looking for affordability are equally attracted to the brand as customers looking for high-end features.


Panasonic is another Japanese air conditioning brands that is a major AC brand in many parts of the world. Not many buyers are aware that Sanyo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic. Sanyo was acquired by Panasonic in 2010 and now it offers affordable air conditioners in many countries. In countries such as India, Panasonic offers ACs for premium customers, while Sanyo is focused towards customers looking for affordability.

Panasonic is more than 100 years old company and is one of the most respected multinationals in Japan. Its nanoe X technology present in some of its inverter ACs has been known to inhibit growth of bacteria and viruses as well as remove dust and major allergens caused from mites, animals, insects and fungi ensuring cleaner indoor environment. Also, it has shown decent growth in developing countries over last few years.

Panasonic ACs are known for high quality and effective odour / pollution removal abilities. `

Midea Group


Midea is a Chinese AC manufacturer that is not only the largest AC brand in China, but also one of the largest in the world. Midea is also the world’s largest producer of appliances and robots.

You can get an idea about Midea’s size from the fact that there are only few countries in the world where Midea air conditioning is not present. Midea offers industrial as well as commercial ACs in more than 200 countries in the world.

Midea has also partnered with Carrier in several countries to utilize Carrier’s distribution network helping it widen its reach. This is has helped Midea retain number one position in air conditioning market in several countries. Midea ACs are known for offering ACs are competitive pricing. It is able to achieve lower rates by controlling most of its manufacturing.

Also, in North America and many developed countries, Midea has made a name for itself in portable air conditioning space. All in all, Midea is one of the biggest Chinese competitors to AC market that is dominated by US and Japanese AC manufacturers.

Trane Technologies

Trane Technologies is another Irish multinational in our list of top AC manufacturers of the world. It is part of Ingersoll Rand that was founded in 1859. Trane is more than 150 years old AC brand which makes it the oldest organization in this list of top AC companies.

Trane has more than 99 manufacturing units all over the world. However, one of its biggest markets is North America.

Trane has been named America’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning brand by Lifestory for seven consecutive years. Air conditioners from Trane are known for quality and dependability. As discussed earlier, there is strong competition between Daikin, Carrier and Trane in North America. The competition is not only in the residential AC segment where it sells portable ACs, window ACs and split ACs, but also in commercial air conditioning space.

Reportedly, commercial ACs from Trane have long lifespan and are considered easier to maintain as compared to some of the other top AC brands.


Voltas is one of the renowned AC companies in the Indian subcontinent which is known for offering great quality and very good services. Established in the year 1954, Voltas has made a name for itself over last many decades. Apart from selling residential ACs, it also has international AC projects across Middle East and Singapore.

Voltas has long been number one AC brand in Indian subcontinent in terms of sales and brand equity. After brief setback, Voltas has again positioned itself comfortably as number one AC brand in the subcontinent, while dethroning LG in the year 2021.



Haier is another Chinese AC manufacturer in our list. Not many users are aware that Haier is one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in the world. Also, it is the most recent AC brand in our list having founded in the year 1984. Haier’s rise has been unprecedented especially in the developed countries of Europe, where it has become a market leader in home appliances segment.

Haier competes with Midea in home turf China as well as globally in several difference segments. One of the hottest markets- air conditioning is not left behind. While Midea has followed the path of collaboration with established foreign players, Haier has grown by acquisitions abroad. One such high profile acquisition of GE Appliances made it the largest player in home appliance business in Europe. Haier accounts for more than 10% of worldwide home appliance sales as per Euromonitor.

Haier is known for offering affordable AC units. However, in the premium segment customers tend to go with brands from US / Ireland / Japan / Korea.


Whirlpool brand is known for washing machines more than anything else. However, it is also one of the rising AC manufacturers. It has made a name itself in budget air conditioning market by offering units at competitive prices.

It is another multinational from US that is a big player in air conditioning space. Whirlpool was founded in 1911, making it another AC brand in our list that is more than 100 years old.

It not only sells residential ACs but also commercial ACs.


Most of the best AC brands in the world are laser-focused in bringing innovation and affordability for past several decades. While some brands have positioned themselves as cost effective AC brand, others have focused more on adding new features and make their ACs more relevant for the modern times. Majority of the brands are in commercial as well as residential air conditioning space, but both the businesses are very different from each other and each needs its own set of expertise.

AC business has historically been dominated by US, Japan and Ireland, but Chinese AC brands have forced these companies to look up and notice. With increasing pressure from these players, competition is bound to heat up. This is surely going to shake up this list of top 10 AC brands in the world in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates.

That’s about it. Hope you liked our list of best AC brands. In any case do let us know if you have any queries with regards to this list or AC brands in general. All you have to do is comment in the comment box below. We will be happy to help.

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