Refrigerator Energy Consumption: How Much Electricity Bill Does Refrigerator Use?

Refrigerator has become one of the most important appliances in recent time. Hence, you will find no modern household without a refrigerator.

Not many buyers are aware that a refrigerator contributes around 10% of overall electricity consumed in a household. Hence, knowledge of power consumption of different refrigerators can come in handy before you purchase fridge for your home.

Refrigerator Electricity Consumption

In this post, we will cover power consumption info of refrigerators in India along with the amount of money that you can pay in terms of electricity bills.

What Does Refrigerator Power Consumption Depend on?

Power consumption of a refrigerator depends on its star rating, capacity and type. Bureau of Energy Efficiency has made it mandatory for refrigerator manufacturers to give a star rating to every model that refrigerator brands sell. Higher energy rating means lower energy consumption. 5 star is the highest rating that a refrigerator can get, while 1 star is the lowest rating.

Power consumption also depends on the capacity of the fridge. Higher capacity means higher power consumption. However, capacity is not that big a factor than star rating. For example, doubling the capacity of the refrigerator increases the energy consumption by only 20 %. While every star decrease increases the power consumption by around 25%!

Another factor on which the power consumption depends on is the door type. Single door refrigerator consumes lower energy when compared to a double door refrigerator.

Age of the fridge is another important factor that determines how much energy the fridge will consume. As refrigerator gets old, its energy consumption increases. Hence, a 10-year old refrigerator will consume significantly more power than a refrigerator with exactly same specifications as in 2022.

Compressor type also plays a significant role in determining power consumption. Inverter compressors consume lower power than regular refrigerators. Inverter refrigerators come with inverter compressor and most energy efficient refrigerators are inverter refrigerators.

Finally, usage of the refrigerator also plays a part in the power consumption. The more you open the door, the more the power will be consumed. Also, lesser maintained refrigerators also consume more power than a properly maintained/serviced refrigerator.

Refrigerator Power Consumption

Double door refrigerators are more in demand these days because they are convenient to use and have a long life. Let’s see how much power double door refrigerators consume. Please note that since 3-star refrigerators are the most common type, this calculation is for 3 star rated double door refrigerators and the energy consumption is in units (kWh). All the numbers are valid for refrigerators manufactured between January 1st 2020 and December 31st 2021.

Refrigerator CapacityMonthly Power ConsumptionAnnual Power ConsumptionAnnual Electricity Bill*
200 Litres16.11941358
250 Litres17.12051435
300 Litres17.82141498
350 Litres18.62231561
400 Litres19.32321624

*Rs 7 per unit

As you can see, there is not much difference in power consumption as the capacity increases. However, the power consumption varies significantly with the star rating.

Hence, for a double door refrigerator, the power consumption can be more than double as compared based on star rating.

Here is the relationship between star rating and power consumption of a 250 L frost free refrigerator.

Star RatingMonthly Power ConsumptionMonthly Electricity Bill* (Rs)Annual Electricity Bill (Rs)Saving over 1 star fridge (Rs)

*Rs 7 per unit

From this chart, we can come to the following conclusions:

  • 1 star refrigerator consumes 2.4 times more power than a 5 star fridge. Can
  • You can save more than 1300 rupees on electricity bills every year if you purchase a 5 star refrigerator over a 1 star refrigerator.

This chart clearly shows why more than capacity, star rating is important while calculating power consumption of a refrigerator.

Difference Between Double Door and Single Door Refrigerator Power Consumption

Double door refrigerator consumes only slightly more power as compared to a single door fridge. Let’s see find out the difference.

Here are the numbers for a 5 star single door and double door refrigerator- 190 litre.

Star RatingSingle Door Refrigerator Power ConsumptionDouble Door Refrigerator Power ConsumptionDifferenceElectricity Bill Difference

Some conclusions from the chart:

  • Double door refrigerator consumes 11.5 to 12% more energy than single door refrigerator
  • The electricity bill difference between single door and double door refrigerators is not huge in terms of rupees.

How to Calculate Refrigerator Power Consumption

The best way to find the power consumption of a refrigerator is through the BEE star label. The BEE star label clearly shows energy rating and annual energy consumption information. All you have to do is divide this annual energy consumption in kWh by 12 to find out monthly energy consumption.

If the BEE star label is not visible, but you have the wattage information, then you can calculate the power consumption by following these steps.

Step 1: Find the rated wattage of the refrigerator. You may find it on the refrigerator sticker. Else, you can find your refrigerator specifications on Amazon or company website by entering the fridge model number. And if the model number is not available, then try to find a similar fridge online.

Step 2: Find the duty cycle of the compressor. If you cannot find the information, it’s safe to take it as 50%.

Step 3: Calculate the Power consumption.

Daily Power Consumption (kWh) = (Wattage x Daily Operational Hours (Usually 24 hours) x Duty cycle)/1000.

Monthly Power Consumption (kWh) = Daily power consumption x 30

For example, for a refrigerator with a wattage rating of 150 Watts, daily power consumption will be:

Daily Power Consumption = (150 x 24 x 0.5)/1000 = 1.8 units

Monthly power consumption = 1.8 x 30 = 54 units


Refrigerators run for 24 hours a days and 365 days a year. Hence the power consumed by refrigerators is higher when compared to other home appliances. If you know the BEE star rating of your refrigerator, then there is no need to manually calculate the power consumption data as the label clearly mentions the annual energy data.

However, before purchasing a refrigerator, you should always make sure that the year of manufacture should be close to current year. This is because the star rating depends on year of manufacture and keeps on changing. Hence, the current star rating system is applicable for refrigerators manufactured from January 1st 2020.

Do you think, purchasing a 5 star refrigerator will be a good idea? Let me know in the comments. All The Best!

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