Prestige Clip On Pressure Cooker Review [2021]

Prestige is one of the most famous brands of pressure cookers in India. Some of its premium cookers are quite popular. One such pressure cooker is Prestige Clip On Pressure Cooker. It is a multipurpose cooker that can be used for deep frying, shallow frying and can also be used as a kadhai.

Prestige clip on pressure cooker review
Prestige clip on pressure cooker review

It comes in different capacities and mostly in black colour. As far as Prestige Clip On brand is concerned, it also has a sub brand- Prestige Svachh Clip On. Prestige Svachh brand is touted as India’s first ‘spillage control’ pressure cooker (basically the cooker lid is caved inwards to prevent spillage).

While Prestige Clip On only comes in one design, Prestige Svachh Clip On comes in different designs- Pressure Cooker, Pressure Handi and Pressure Kadai.  In all these designs, you can perform various cooking activities such as pressure cooking, frying, boiling, sauté and steaming.

Prestige Clip On Pressure Cooker Review 2021

These multipurpose pressure cookers come with several components. One thing we noticed was that Prestige includes a detailed manual along with the cooer. It contains safety information, usage information and component details.

Let’s look at key features of these cookers.

User-Friendly Design

Regular pressure cookers come with an inner or outer lid that has to be aligned. On top of this, you have to ensure that the gasket is placed currently for you to be able to close the pressure cooker. It is not a very difficult process, but Prestige Clip On pressure cooker makes it very easy to cover it. There is no need to align the lid in these cookers. The lid can be placed in any position and be closed easily by rotating the top-most knob. All you have to do is place the lid on the cooker, rotate the knob in clockwise direction.

Prestige clip on pressure cooker closing
Prestige clip on pressure cooker closing

Highlight of these pressure cookers is that they are modular in design. This means that you can use the same lid in all the utensils of the clip on range that you are using. Hence, you these lids interchangeably, be it kadai or handi or cooker or casserole.

Enhanced Safety Features

The clip-on lid system is not only easy to use, but also provides safety. Prestige has ensured that these cookers are very safe by adding 4 advanced features.

Let’s take a look at these features:

Weight Valve Assembly: Weight valve ensures that the pressure is regulated effectively at all times.

Gasket Release System (GRS): Gasket release system works as second level of safety. This feature kicks into action in case of failure of weight valve due to blockage or any other reason. As soon as the system detects rise in pressure and low movement in weight valve, this mechanism releases excess steam within no time. If this happens, it is advised to switch off the gas stove and check the valve for any blockages.

Metallic Safety Plug: You will be happy to know that there is another safety mechanism in place in case the weight valve as well as GRS fail to function. As the name suggests this is an alloy plug that melts to release pressure if pressure inside the cooker increases, and valve & GRS both fail to release the steam. This can usually happen if the cooker contains insufficient amount of water or if the vent tube is blocked.

Pressure Indicator cum Safety Device: The safe pressure indicator on top of the lid is a multipurpose device. Firstly, it locks the lid, secondly it does not allow the lid to be opened when the pressure inside the cooker is high. Let’s understand this.

When the dish in the cooker is being prepared, pressure starts building up. During this stage, the pressure indicator gets pushed above the level of the lid handle. This will give you an indication that sufficient pressure has been attained and it is ready for whistles. To ensure safety, during this stage the lid gets locked and you cannot open the cooker.

Similarly, once steam is released, the pressure indicator will drop below the level of the lid handle. This will give you an indication that the cooker can be opened.

Ability to Serve from the Cooker Pot

Prestige Clip On pressure cookers come with two handles attached so that you can serve in the cooker itself. This is quite convenient as removes the need to use a separate pot. Not only this, it also comes with a nice-looking glass lid that you can use to cover the pot while serving. On top of this its stylish design ensures that you feel no hesitation while serving food in the cooker.

Prestige clip on pressure cooker lid

Induction Compatibility

Many Prestige Clip On cookers come with induction compatibility. It means that you can use them on not only induction, but also on has stoves.


Prestige Clip On pressure cookers mostly come in either hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel. This means that these cookers are not only long lasting but also look quite elegant in design. On top of this hard anodising as well as stainless steel surface react less with the acids and juices in the food. Moreover, many Prestige Clip On pressure cookers can be used with hot plates and halogen cook tops apart from induction stoves and gas stoves.

Regular aluminum cookers require effort in cleaning. However, hard anodized material and black colour of these pressure cookers make them quite easy to clean. Just make sure not to use rough scrubber to clean them as it can damage the coating. Finally, both hard anodised and stainless steel cookers are long lasting as compared to regular pressure cookers.

Go for hard anodized aluminum if you do not want food sticking onto the cooker surface. This allows for easy cleaning.

Also, it does not have a traditional handle, instead come with side handles, which is more convenient.


While regular pressure cookers in the market are priced at INR 1,000 to INR 1,500, Prestige Clip On pressure cookers are priced higher than these cookers. While the price is higher than conventional cookers, we feel that the pricing is justified, given its features, design and durability.

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You usually get 5 years of warranty on this product. This is quite good considering some brands give only 2-year warranty on their pressure cookers. However, we recommend reading warranty information carefully before purchasing.


We will highly recommend the Prestige Clip On pressure cooker to ladies looking for advance technology cookers that are not only extremely safe to use, but also stylish and durable.


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