13 Uses of Electric Kettle in 2021

Gone are the days when electric kettles were majorly used by university students and hotel guests. Today the humble kettle has taken a place in many households because it is a fantastic device that can perform variety of functions apart from preparing tea.

A good electric kettle is not only used for boiling water and making tea, but this versatile appliance is also helpful in preparing instant food, beverages within no time.

In this post, you will learn about some of the lesser known and most surprising uses of electric kettle. Here are different uses of an electric kettle:

1. Cook Pasta

Electric kettle is perfect for cooking pasta when you are not able to use stove for some reason. Since kettle boils water within no time, you can cook pasta quite easily and quickly.

Pro Tip: Add pasta the moment water starts boiling (or just before it). If you add it after water starts boiling, it won’t be the most optimum method to prepare pasta on electric kettle.

2. Prepare Instant Noodles such as Maggi

Stories of students preparing Maggi noodles in hostel are famous. They certainly helped ease some of the late night cravings for the writer as well back in the day.

Pro Tip: To prepare instant noodles in electric kettle, pour proper amount of water, wait for a minute for water to boil, and add noodles into that kettle to cook noodles.

3. Make Coffee

Its interesting that the electric kettle is often called tea kettle, but it is equally good to make coffee. However, this will be what we call as French Press Coffee (manually brewed coffee). And adding to the convenience, French press coffee is not only richly aromatic, but is also more filling. This is because the microscopic coffee grounds into your mug, which makes the coffee heavier the gives you a feeling of being “full”. Electric kettle also works faster than the stove in making coffee, plus, it’s quite easy to pour from a kettle.

What’s more, grinding coffee and boiling water takes 2 minutes and brewing takes 4 minutes. So, you are all set within 6 minutes!

Pro Tip: Boil the water and let it calm down for a moment and then pour the grounded coffee.

4. Cook Rice

If you do not have access to stove or any other cooking appliance, then electric kettle can be used as an emergency rice cooker. However, cleaning the kettle can be difficult afterwards because many electric kettles with come with exposed coil at the bottom. Also, the quantity of rice will not be huge, since most kettles comes in smaller sizes. If you are still game, let’s jump to the method of cooking rice in electric kettle.

First of all, soak the rice in water for 20 minutes. Post that, add water and rice into the kettle. You can now add spices or small pieces of vegetables in the kettle. Turn the kettle on and let everything cook for 20 minutes. Congratulations, your rice is ready to be savoured!

Pro Tip: Never add bulky items such as meat or large pieces of veggies into the kettle. Also, if your kettle comes with automatic shut off feature, you will have to turn it back on few times to ensure your rice is cooked properly.

5. Heat Milk

Milk can be a nourishing as well as quick way to calm your appetite. Electric kettle can come in real handy in preparing hot chocolate milk or any other hot milk-based beverage. However, heating milk in kettle is slightly different than heating / boiling milk.

Pro Tip: It is always advised to pay attention while heating milk in the kettle and it is better to not let the milk boil. Hence you should turn off the kettle before the milk starts to boil.

6. Prepare Soup

Another food item in our list that is easy and fast to cook in electric kettle is the granddad of food- soup. You will be surprised to know how common the practice of making soup in electric kettle is. This is because electric kettle can easily heat up water within minutes and all you have to do is add instant soup ingredients into the boiling water. And even if you do not want to use readymade soup ingredients, you can prepare a perfectly home-cooked soup in the kettle. All you have to do is chop vegetables into small pieces, add them into the electric kettle and pour water in it. Hot & delicious soup will be ready within minutes.

7. Cook Ready-to-eat Food

If you are in a hotel and you don’t find any appliance to cook food, electric kettle can come to your much needed rescue, especially when you have loads of ready to eat meals with you. Free dried food is also quite commonly used in camping trips because they similar to regular meals and thus give a feeling of being wholesome. Also, these are usually preferred over ‘instant’ food items.

8. Prepare Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be a perfect breakfast for you especially if you are time crunched. You can prepare oatmeal in less than 5 minutes in an electric kettle. All you have to do is, boil the water and then add instant oatmeal in the kettle. Your healthy breakfast will be ready within few minutes.

9. Boil Egg

Alright, first things first. Not every electric kettle can be used to boil eggs. What do you need to look for? Just make sure that your kettle does not have exposed coil at the bottom.

Now let’s see how you can boil egg(s) in electric kettle. Place egg(s) in the kettle and fill it with water. Now, turn on the kettle and allow the water to boil.

To give you a rough idea, it takes 8 to 12 minutes to hard-boil eggs and 2 to 4 minutes to soft-boil eggs. Also, you can use the kettle as per the time it takes you to boil eggs normally as a rough guide.

Pro Tip: If you have a kettle with exposed coil, you can make use of an attachment to prevent the egg from touching the coil. Also, some people tilt their kettle on one side so the eggs roll away from the heating element.

Many kettles have auto shut off feature that turns the kettle off as soon as the water starts boiling. In that case, you can set a secondary timer, which you will start when the kettle turns off in the first instant.

10. Baby Bottle Water or Bottle Warming

Since babies are very sensitive to temperature, even slight increase in temperature can irritate them. Good news is, that most electric kettles come with temperature control. Hence, it is one of the best heating devices for catering to babies as you can heat water to precise temperatures. This also ensures that there is no need to keep on checking the temperature of water constantly.

Also, since electric kettles are made specifically for boiling water, they are really quick in heating water at the desired temperature.

11. Brew Tea

I know this is obvious. Electric kettles were arguably invented to satiate the tea-drinking population. Not to mention, electric kettle is also called tea kettle for this very reason.

You can make almost all types of tea that you can imagine in electric kettle. Green tea, masala chai and herbal tea are some of the most commonly prepared teas in kettles. What’s more? Electric kettle makes tea at almost double speed when compared to stovetop.

12. Hot Spa Treatment

One of the lesser known methods to use electric kettle is hot spa treatment. Hence, if you are fond of beauty treatments, then electric kettle can be an unconventional yet handy choice for you.

You can use the electric kettle to prepare a foot soak or heat water to steam your face, which can enhance the glow of your face.

Almost all electric kettles come with temperature control feature that allows you to set the desired temperature of water. Hence, it is quite convenient to use this appliance for beauty therapy.

13. Prepare Hot Chocolate

We bring you the quickest and easiest way to prepare hot chocolate.

  1. Add the desired amount of water or milk to your electric kettle.
  2. Allow milk / water to boil.
  3. Once the liquid is boiled, the kettle will automatically turn off.
  4. Now add chocolate powder in the kettle and stir it properly.
  5. Pour the mixture into appropriate utensil and your delicious hot chocolate is ready to serve.


Electric kettle is one of the most useful household appliances that you can use for variety of purposes. You can use it to not only prepare quick instant meals, but also get beauty treatment! Although we do not recommend using electric kettle for preparing food items that it is not meant for, but you can use it in emergency purposes.

Hope you liked our pick of innovative ways to utilize electric kettle. Try these methods and let us know how it worked out for you.

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