Best Induction Cooktops in 2021- Reviews and Buying Guide!

Induction cooktops are some of the most loved kitchen appliances in India. These appliances work as an additional helping hand and can be very useful to speed up cooking. That’s why we bring you some of the best induction cooktops in India to help you purchase the right one as per your needs and preferences.

Best Induction Cooktop

In this post, we will discuss portable induction cooktops because they gives decent value for money and are easy to use which makes them ideal for bachelors, small families, youngsters who want to learn cooking and large families that may already have a gas stove.

Best Induction Cooktops

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Philips Viva Collection – HD4928/01 Cooktop one of the most popular appliances that is sturdy and comes at attractive pricing. Maximum power of the appliance is 2100 Watts, which ensures faster cooking.

Its electromagnetic induction technology gives high heating efficiency which prevents loss of nutrition and vitamins. Its buttons are easy to use and you get multiple options to heat the food to up to 240 degrees.

It has 0 to 3 hour time setting and auto-off program ensures efficient cooking with safety. It has 6 preset cooking menus, which ensures that you do not have to waste time in adjusting the timer.

Cooking options that you get with the appliance are Stir Fry, Slow Cook and Pressure Cook. This induction cooktop is specially designed for Indian customers. Hence, auto program comes with roti/dosa option and gravy option.


  • 6 present menus for convenient cooking
  • Light weight and portable at 2.8 kgs
  • Powerful cooking
  • Safe to use as it is RoHS compliant (adopted by European Union)
  • It consumes 2100-watts
  • Features high-quality glass panel
  • Affordable pricing
  • Eco-Friendly appliance
  • Auto shut down features
  • 1-Year warranty


  • Controls are easy to use but it will take few days to master it
  • Produces some noise

Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop with Push button

Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop is one of the most affordable and feature rich induction cooktops in India right now.

You can use different types of flat bottomed utensils for cooking. The best feature of this induction is that is extremely easy to use.

Also, this appliance has been designed keeping Indian consumers in mind. It comes with a power-saver technology that monitors the temperature and adjusts the power levels based on the vessel size. This ensures convenient and comfort to the users.

Also, its control options come with multiple preset options such as dosa, pressure cook, curry, idli, deep fry, heat milk, saute. This control panel is easy to use.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Low power consumption at 1200 watts
  • Power saver technology
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • It comes with crystal plate
  • User-friendly key features
  • It comes with a voltage regulator
  • 1-year warranty


  • Produces slight noise but its common with induction cooktops
  • 1200 watt power means slower cooking

Pigeon by Stovekraft Rapido – 1800 Watt

Pigeon is one of the most popular Induction cooktops brands in India. It is known for offering kitchen appliances at affordable price.

This Pigeon cooktop has many good features that makes it very user friendly appliance. So, this induction is convenient, and you can make dishes in short time.

This induction comes with 7 Indian Preset Menus with an attractive touch panel. Its power of 2100 watts ensure that the food is cooked in short time as well. It also has a double heat sensors inbuilt.

Finally, it’s a long lasting appliance as it comes with protection against short circuits. Also, its top plate cans withstand high temperatures, making it more durable.


  • Large surface area
  • Easy to use touch buttons
  • Attractive design
  • Timer and temperature setting options present
  • 1800 wattage ensures fast cooking
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Long lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • 1 Year Warranty period


  • Consumes slightly higher power due to more wattage
  • Digital touch buttons could have been better

Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Usha is one of the largest Indian appliances brands. Even though Usha entered into kitchen appliances space late, it has quickly become popular in induction cooktop market.

This induction cooktop is attractive in design and affordable at the same time. No wonder it one of the best-selling induction appliances in the range. It comes with a really long cord so that you can place it almost anywhere in the kitchen.

It has 5 cooking options- milk/tea, deep fry, curry, dosa/roti, idli. Its maximum wattage is 1600 watts which is decent for Indian households.


  • 5 Preset Menus
  • Extra-long cord for convenience
  • Pan Sensor technology detects if wrong appliance is kept my mistake and switches it off
  • 1600 watt power consumption
  • Eco-friendly appliance
  • Inbuilt voltage stabilizer
  • Up to 3 hour automatic time
  • Overheating protection shuts off the appliance automatically


  • Plastic body is not the most durable
  • The fan makes noise sometimes

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

Bajaj is a very old appliance brand in India. Its induction cooktops are some of the best-selling in India.

This induction cooktop consumes 1900 watts of power, which means that it will cook dishes in short time. The top surface of this induction contains anti-insecticidal gel with crystal glass. This technology keeps the cockroaches away.

It has a power switch to give you an idea about how much power the appliance is using. Its excellent feature is its delay start function. You can use it to start it after desired time so that you can do cooking preparations before the induction starts.

A convenient feature of this induction cooktop is its  auto shuts feature that turns off the appliance if it does not detect any on top of it vessel for one minute.

This induction comes with eight pre-set menus, which make it quite convenient to use. You can use different types of utensils made of stainless steel and cast-iron on this appliance. Also, you can use this induction cooktop to make soup, fry snacks, boil milk and so on.


  • High 1900 watt power ensures less cooking
  • Highest temperature of 270 degrees
  • Automatic features
  • Eco-friendly System
  • Protection against voltage fluctuation
  • The keys are user-friendly
  • 1-year product warranty


  • Plastic body may not be very durable
  • It takes some time to learn how to use it

Best Induction Cooktop – Buying Guide

Cooking Indian dishes is not easy, and it usually requires you to regulate different temperature as per the type of dish and stage of cooking.

Induction cooktops are a perfect addon to gas stoves in India and can be used to prepare many types of dishes.

Some ingredients such a spices can burn easily if not given constant low temperature. Good news is you can easily make dishes that require constant low heat such as kheer. It is ideal for making dishes such as upma, poha, pasta, khichdi, chicken stew, French toast pan cakes and so on.

How Induction Cooktop Works

Induction cooktops are common in Indian kitchens, but not many know how exactly these appliances work. These appliances are equipped with copper coil that sits just below the cooking surface. When current is passed through this coil, it creates magnetic field, which heats up the utensil.

To explain it more clearly, medium-frequency alternating current (20 – 100 kHz) is passed though the copper coils beneath the cooktop surface. This creates a strong magnetic field of the same frequency which the passes through the cooktop on to the cookware. This magnetic field produces a circular current in the electrically conductive base of the cookware (eddy current). This current heats the food.

What is unique is that this process does not heat the appliance surface very much, but the food gets heated significantly.

Types of Induction Cooktops 

Induction cooktops are mainly of 3 types – portable, built-in and freestanding. Let’s discuss each of them in more detail.

Portable or Compact Cooktops

Portable induction cooktop

Portable cooktops are most popular our country. These are compact, light-weight and usually come with one cooking zone. These are ideal for bachelors, couples and small families.

Built-in Cooktops

Built-in induction cooktops are mounted on the kitchen platform and require professional help for installation. Thus, once installed it’s difficult to move them.

Most of these inductions have 2 cooking zone, hence they are ideal for medium to large families.

These appliances are not very popular in India and there are also not as many models available.

They usually come with heat resistant glass and are sleek in design. Biggest benefit of this cooktop is that it is usually large with multiple cooking zones, which helps in preparing different dishes simultaneously.

Freestanding Induction Cooktops

Freestanding inductions are built-in on top of electric ovens. Basically, these are two appliances rolled into one. You can cook dishes on the cooktop that cannot be prepared in the oven. Even though such induction cooktops give many options for cooking, these are not popular in our country. Some of the drawbacks of this induction are that it has higher price, it is difficult to move in kitchen as it is not light in weight.

Benefits of Induction Cooktop

Safety: One of the biggest advantages of induction cooktop is that it is safe to use. This appliance does not emit any radiation and since there is no fire involved, it is safer than gas stoves and microwave ovens. The residual heat is very less and it dissipates in very short time as well but it’s not recommended to place your hands or other body parts on the surface immediately after use.

Fast Cooking: Induction cooktops are as much as 50% faster than gas stoves. This is one of the best features of this appliance. For example, it can boil water very quickly, which is an essential first step while preparing several food items at home.

In fact, induction cooktops are so fast that many home owners take time to learn to control the heat levels!

Precise Cooking: Induction cooktops deliver accurate and consistent heat. This is the reason why many high end restaurants usually have induction cooktops. It comes especially handy in preparing certain types of sauces and confections.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance: Since induction cooktops have flat glass surface, it is quite easy to clean and maintain. On top of this they are lightweight and compact so that you can also easily move it when needed.

Kitchen Remains Cool: Since there is not fire involved, the temperature of the kitchen does not rise because of this appliance.

Responsive: Induction cooktops respond to changes in settings quickly. For example, it will change the temperature within no time.

Energy efficient: Induction cooktops are some of the most energy efficient cooking appliances out there. This is because induction cooktops directly heats the pot and even the air around the utensil is not directly heated by the appliance!

Safety Aspect

Induction cooktops are quite safe to use. This is because there are no flames involved and even the surface gets cooled fast once the induction is switched off. Let discuss a little more on the safety aspect.

Firstly, since there is no fire involved, even younger users can cook on it comparatively safely.

Secondly, since almost all induction cooktops come with a timer, chances of overcooking or over heating food is quite low if the timer is set properly. Thus, there is very less chance of smoke due to excessive heating of food even if it is left unattended.

Thirdly, the surface of the utensil does not get hot because the heat is not directly absorbed by the vessel. Hence, the chances of burns due to hot utensils are very low.

Fourthly, the temperature control feature works efficiently. For example, it takes usually less than one minute to decrease the temperature by 10 °C. Temperature of some of the high-end cooktops can also be controlled with smart devices via WiFi.

Fifthly, almost all inductions come with an inbuilt control system which turns it if the vessel is not of the right size correct size or if the vessel is taken off the appliance.

Finally, some induction cooktops come with sensors that monitor the temperature of the bottom of the vessels. This is especially useful in cases when empty cookware is left on the heating zone with induction turned on. These sensors adjust the power output in such cases to avoid damage to the appliance and cookware.

Features in Induction Cooktops

There are several features that new induction cooktops come equipped with. Let’s see what these features are and what factors you should consider before purchasing an induction cooktop.

Cooktop Size & Cooking Zones

While purchasing an induction cooktop, size is one of the first things that should be considered.

Induction cooktops can have as many as 5 cooking zones depending on the size. As a rule of thumb, larger the size, more the number of cooking zones an induction will have. Cooking usually involves multitasking, which means that you can go with cooktops with 2 zones.

If there are multiple zones on the induction, then the cooking space might become cluttered which can make it difficult to control all the zones at once. Also, cooking many dishes simultaneously can result in grease around the control panel, which can make it difficult to perform cooking activity. That being said, it is not easy to find a decent multi-element induction cooktop in India.

The single zone induction cooktops are inexpensive and are the most common types of induction appliances in India. They are small and portable and are the most pocket friendly inductions that can also me moved around easily. However, it is mostly a better idea to go for larger cooktops as greater size ensures better air circulation, which faster cooling of the appliance. This results in long life of the induction.  

Please note that there are built-in inductions in the market as well and they come at a higher price. However, they are not very popular because of inherent limitations of inductions.


Most induction cooktops come with a timer to control when the appliance should switch off. This is extremely useful in kitchen because it helps you in performing several other cooking tasks simultaneously.

It also ensures that you don’t overcook the food. Usually, these appliances come with timer with one-minute increment that can be increase with the press of a button.

Preset Cooking Menus

Preset cooking options in induction cooktops make them quite convenient to use. You can use this one touch options to boil milk, make chapatis, dosas, soup, and so on. Some of the other cooking menus include grill, fry, stir etc.

Automatic Pan Detection

Many induction cooktops come with automatic pan detection functionality that turns off the heating off as soon as the utensil is removed from top of the appliance.

This feature not only saves power, but it is also quite convenient as you do not have to remember to switch the heater off. This prevents any accidental burns. Also, usually, there is a notification light to indicate that the cooking has stopped when you lift the cookware.

Control panel

There are three types of control panels- rotating knobs, press button and touch sensor controls. Rotating knobs are rarely used now, while press buttons and touch sensors have become more common these days. Also, press buttons are slightly less costly as compared to touch panels.

Control panels usually come with power button, timer, temperature option and auto cook options. These features are present in almost all induction cooktops.

Power/ Temperature settings

Temperature and power interval settings are important features to consider before purchasing the induction. The temperature and power setting are usually not separate. Increasing the power will raise the temperature. Higher the number of intervals, better it is for cooking. This allows for better regulation of temperature so that you can cook precisely. Slight increase or decrease in the temperature can be regulated effectively making it user-friendly.

Temperature can range from less than 100 degrees to more than 240 degrees. Similarly, power wattage can be 120 watt to 2100 watt

Due to high power, some of the inductions come with power management system as well.

Auto switch off

Auto-switch off is another safety feature in induction cooktops. Usually, this appliances automatically switches off under following conditions:

  • When incompatible utensil is used
  • In case of overheating
  • When the utensils are removed from top of the cooktop

Small item detection

Some high-end induction cooktops come with small item detection feature. If a small item such as a fork or a spoon is placed on the surface of the cooktop, then the user is alerted by a notification or a beep sound. And many inductions switch off automatically after some time as well.

Child lock

Some high-end cooktops come with a child lock feature. When this feature is enabled, it locks the buttons apart from power button so that even if any button is pressed accidentally, it will have no effect on the functioning and the appliance will keep on running without any changes. This function can also be used during cleaning of the appliance as an added safety feature.

Auto cut off feature

Almost all induction cooktops come with auto cut off feature. In case the induction keeps running and you forget to switch it off, then after some period of time, it will automatically switch off.

Pause Button

Many inductions come with a pause button. This feature runs the appliance at minimal power setting so that it keeps on running but at low capacity until you disable the pause button.


As the name suggests, booster feature heats up the food quickly by running the appliance

at the highest setting, and after some time it reduces the heat to a preselected lower heat setting. This can help in preparing food quickly.

Overflow control

This feature produces beep sound in case of any spillage on the cooktop. And in most of the cases it shuts down and cannot be started unless cleaned.

Wok (Kadhai) Cooking

Some of the high-end induction cooktops come with a dedicated area for wok cooking. A less costly alternative is to buy a wok that is compatible with induction cooktops.

LED Flames

Some induction cooktops come with LED-based panel on the cooktop to give users an idea about the intensity of heat. This LED display shows visual flames with different number of flames so that you do not have to peak at the temperature panel constantly.


Almost all inductions produce noise especially when heating at high temperatures. This noise is due to a fan inside the induction that gets turned on in high temperatures. Sometimes a ticking sound can also be heard from the induction. This is due to power controllers that cycle the element on and off to keep the power stable. User should not worry about these sounds as such sounds are normal.


Induction cooktops are quite easy to clean and maintain. This is due to their plain flat surface which does not trap any dirt. On top of this, most of the inductions come with touch-sensitive controls, which means that there won’t be any knob grime.

Moreover, since the induction gets turned off in case of spillage and the cooktop is not as hot as other appliances, the food doesn’t burn on its surface. You can use a soft cloth to wipe the cooktop as well. For further cleaning, it is recommended to follow the instructions written on the handbook.


There are some important things to be kept in mind while choosing the right design. The induction cooktops that are framed can be more prone to dirt and grime depositing on the corners. However, the advantage of this design is that in case of spillage, the fluid will not easily drop in the counter.

On the other hand, cooktops without edges are more prone to cracking and are more fragile. This means that they can break rather easily if dropped from a height. The upside of such models is that they are quite easy to wipe, clean and maintain.

Utensils for induction based cooking

Almost all models of induction cooktops require cooking vessel made of, or containing, a ferrous metal such as cast iron or magnetic-based steel cookware. This is because the iron in the cookware concentrates the current to produce heat in the metal.

Utensils material that can be used:

  • Cast iron based cookware
  • Enameled utensils
  • Magnetic-based steel cookware
  • Any regular utensil can be used if it is placed on a suitable metal disk which works as a conventional hotplate

Utensil material that cannot be used:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Glass

Limitations of Induction Cooktop

  • Material of utensil matters: As discussed, only certain types of utensils can be used with these appliances.
  • Only flat base utensils can be used: Cookware such kadhai and other vessels with rounded bottom cannot be used.
  • Certain types of dished cannot be cooked:  Dishes such as vegetable roast, chapatis which require open flame and / or tossing cannot be cooked.
  • Required electricity: This appliance cannot work without electricity.
  • Size of the vessels matters: If the cookware is too small or too large, cooking will not be proper. This is because the vessel must sit right on the surface of the cooktop for proper energy absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions –  Best Induction Cooktops

1. Which is better – gas stove or induction cooktops?

Induction cooktops are faster than gas stoves. In fact, induction cooktops can be more than 50% faster than gas stoves. They are also faster than electric cooktops.

2. What is the biggest drawback of induction cooktops?

Any device that produces strong magnetic field can interfere with the pacemaker. Hence, it is recommended to keep a distance of at least 60 cm (2ft) from the induction.

3. Are induction cooktops healthy?

Yes, induction cooktops are safe and healthy. Several studies such as this post by National Library of Medicine under US government show that induction cooktops are safe.

4. How much power does an induction cooktop consume?

Induction cooktops in India usually come with a watt-age of 1600 watts to 2200 watts. This means that, on an average, an induction cooktop will consume roughly around 2 units of power after one hour of usage.

5. How do I know that the utensil is suitable for induction?

It should be made of iron or one that has induction plate at its base and the base should be completely flat. This is because only flat base can effectively conduct the magnetic field.

Reading Suggestion:

Best Induction Cooktops brands in India

Here are some of the most popular Induction cooktop brands in India:

Prestige – Prestige was established in the year 1955 and is one of the most well-known brands of pressure cookers. However, it is also one of the most sought after induction cooktop brands.

Philips – Philips is more than 100 years old brand and it has made a name for itself in India offering quality electronic gadgets, home appliances and so on. Its induction cooktops are of excellent quality as well.

Pigeon – Pigeon brand is more than 40 years old kitchen appliance brand. It is quite well known in India for offering decent quality mixer grinders, cookers apart from induction cooktops. Some of its products are quite affordable as well.

Havells – Havells brand was founded in the year 1958. The brand offers wide range of products ranging from electrical appliances, home appliances, kitchen appliances and so on.

Bajaj – Bajaj is one of the most well-known Indian brands that not only offer kitchen appliances, but also are a big name in automobile, finance and other industries. It is almost 100 year old company as well.

Usha – Usha is another well-known brand that offers electrical equipment, home and kitchen appliances.

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